close up of peridot in sterling silver ear studs

Arizona peridot and sterling silver basket style ear studs


Peridot, known to geologists as olivine is one of my favorite minerals!  It is a light translucent lime green that goes perfectly with the sterling silver basket settings of these earrings.  Wear them for a party or all the time!  This is the perfect gift for an August birthday.


I get gemstones from many places, but these peridot are special: they are genuine Arizona peridot!  Many small gemstone mines in the United States have closed over the years but they are now making a comeback with the advent of the internet and consumer interest in where their gemstone originate.


Did you know that the gemstone peridot is always the same color?  It is always a gorgeous light lime green!  It is commonly found in the volcanic rock basalt as the mineral olivine.  When I was working on my thesis, I had to collect a lot of samples of basalt (65 to be exact!) for geochemical analysis.  I spent ridiculous amounts of time pounding on rocks with a large hammer (and trying not to squish fingers, toes or the dog) looking for the perfect color olivine to take home as a sample!  It was surprisingly difficult… 


Peridot is the birthstone for August and the Zodiac stone for Libra.  Its beautiful green color comes from iron and magnesium in the gem.  These peridot are oval and 6 mm by 4 mm.  They are set in basket style sterling silver ear studs.


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I also have peridot set in 14 kt gold!


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