Blue shibori iris main photo

Blooming iris on navy fabric


I have always liked irises.  As a result my garden is full of them!  This iris is in full bloom, with two flowers waving in the breeze.  Can you feel the warmth and peace of a summer day?


Shibori is traditional Japanese "tie-dye". The pattern is first drawn in non-permanent ink, then stitched with heavy thread, tightened and the whole piece dyed. The stitches are then removed and the fabric ironed so that the pattern can be seen. This particular style is called "ori-nui shibori" for the stitching that forms the picture.  This is an original picture, there will never be one exactly like it again!


Picture dimensions 13 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches, mat dimensions 20 by 16 inches.  The fabric of this art is cotton, dyed with fiber reactive dye.


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