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Blue and grays woven cotton/rayon mix yarn - hand dyed


Okay, I have to admit: this is really WEIRD yarn!  It is the one and only woven yarn I have ever (in my admittedly limited experience) seen.  The rayon content give the yarn a slippery texture and a shiny luster, the cotton a little more heft.  Both materials took the dye well: the yarn is striped light gray, purplish gray and gray-blue.  It is subduded but very pretty!  The woven nature of the yarn makes it look rough, but it is actually springy and smooth.  Maybe the perfect yarn for a hat, scarf or color in a weaving?  Because of the fiber content (and because I dyed it) it is very washable and does not show ANY tendency towards shedding or pilling.  


This yarn is hand dyed 55% cotton, 45% rayon.  I think the size is "sport weight".  The length is approximately 425 yards.  This is a twisted hank for easy storage.  If you would like it wound into a ball, please let me know.  


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