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Blue-purple marquise cut iolite pendant in sterling silver


Iolite is a beautiful blue-purple gemstone that changes color depending at your viewing angle!  This makes for an unexpectedly exciting little pendant because the color changes from dark purple to almost completely clear.  Wear this necklace to add style color and interest to an outfit!  This is also a great gift for a geologist or mineralogist!


Iolite is one of a number of gemstones that exhibit a trait known as “pleochroism”, where a mineral appears to change color depending on the angle it is exposed through light.  So an iolite gemstone, seen from the top, might be dark blue or purple.  From the side it might be clear or even light yellow!  This has to do with the orientation of the molecules that make up the gemstone absorbing and reflecting light different depending on angle. 


This iolite is a marquise cut gem 8 by 4 mm in sterling silver with a sterling silver 18 inch chain.


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