pink tourmaline close up

Cute and tiny bright pink tourmaline set in sterling silver ear studs


Bright pink!  These are cute and delicate little earrings for someone who loves pink.  Wear them as accents, to dress up an outfit or around town!  These earrings are a lighter, brighter and more pastel pink than the pink garnets also listed in this section but the colors are intense and vivid.


Did you know that tourmaline comes in a whole rainbow of colors?  Shades of green, black and pink are all common.  Many gemstones are just one color out of the series, but some crystals form with all the colors!  When they are black or green on the outside, and pink in the middle they are called “watermelon tourmaline” an unusual and spectacular gemstone! 


These tourmaline are 3 mm in diameter and set in sterling silver ear studs. 


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