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Delicate and simple citrine pendant necklace in sterling silver


This is a simple, delicate, but elegant pendant necklace.  It consists of one perfectly colored citrine in sterling silver on an intricate sterling silver necklace.  It is perfect as an accent piece for elegant clothing, or just worn as a birthstone necklace always!


This citrine is a high quality, eye clear, light honey gold color.  It is an oval 8 by 6 mm in sterling silver with a sterling silver 18 inch chain.


Citrine is the birthstone for November and is one of the Zodiac stones for Scorpio.  It is also the gemstone for 13th and 17th anniversaries! 


As a small business I get my gemstones from many places and every gem has its own story!  I have purchased in the USA and abroad, at craft fairs, gem shows, garage sales, geology symposiums, private collectors and from gemstone setters who are retiring from the business.  This particular stone came as part of a vast collection of random gemstones sold by a jewelry maker who was retiring after a long career.  Essentially I was given two options: buy the whole set, or skip the minor aggravation of sorting that many unlabeled specimens.  All in little baggies!  My magpie tendencies won out, and I have been slowly sorting and cataloging ever since.  (I have never seen so many shades of citrine and topaz!) 


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