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Delicate wire wrap star pendant or decoration - blue, yellow, black beads


A few years ago, Hisayo (our group’s wire wrapper) was asked if she could create a snowflake as Christmas jewelry.  She gave it some thought, sat and stared at her wire, and then started cutting lengths of material and sorting through bead colors.  The end result was a completely original creation!  Since then, people have worn them as pendants, hung them on trees and in windows, and even attached them to barrettes!  Is it a snowflake or a star?  You can decide!


This particular example of snowflake or star is made of bronze wire, with blue, yellow and black high quality glass beads.  From point to point, the snowflake is 2 7/8 inches, plus a hanging loop 3/8 inch long.  It currently has a piece of red ribbon on top, but unless requested I will remove it before shipping. 


I carry black satin necklace cords.  If you would like to purchase one, please contact me for details and a price quote!


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