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Elegant red and gold wire wrap bracelet - red and gold wire with red seed beads


Everything in my online store is handmade, most items are handmade by me.  A few items are made by other artisans; these bracelets are some of them.  Hisayo is a wire wrapper of GREAT skill and proud possessor of an engineering degree.  This leads her to create some very interesting crafts: intricate metal work braid bracelets, quilts in fractal patterns and beautiful geometric wire wrap patterns!


Watching Hisayo make a wire bracelet is fascinating: I intend to record her for YouTube one of these days.  She starts with a pile of wire and a selection of beads and then carefully and neatly begins folding the wire into a braid, sliding beads on as she goes!  The number of wires, the braid pattern used and the color of beads are ever changing.  This bracelet is made of strands of gold and red wire with interwoven red seed beads.  The clasp is a loop and hook formed from the same wire as the braid with a unique hinge section (see the picture).


This bracelet is a little larger at about 8 1/8 inches in circumference on the interior, the band width is about 3/8 inch.


Hisayo can custom make these bracelets in any size and color!  Please contact me if you would like a custom bracelet!  Or, contact me if you would like more photos and questions answered.


I have free domestic shipping with tracking and insurance.  If you would like something special (like signature requirements) let me know and I will give you an estimate!

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