gray and white ammonite main view

Gray and white wire wrapped ammonite - a pendant or decoration


Ammonites are prehistoric creatures that mostly lived in curled shells, superficially like snails but with a closer relationship to octopus and squid!  They are a common fossil, on family trips as a child I collected tiny ammonites about 1 inch across.  Museums have specimens that are up to 5 or 6 feet in diameter!  The exterior AND interior of their shells varied from smooth to wildly ribbed and spiked.  As a geology student we examined ammonites carefully: one specimen would have long ridges on the exterior and little tooth patterns on the interior walls.  Another specimen would be all smooth curves inside and out.  Some still had preserved shell exposed in a honey tinted opalescent sheen!  Alas, I was not the world’s best paleontology student (I am much better at chemistry) but I loved admiring the fossils!


This particular ammonite has been polished down so that the septa (chambers of the shell) are visible as delicate curved lines.  Hisayo, our group’s wire wrapper, selected it from others at a rock show a while back and took it home to wire wrap.  The wire wrap covers the sides of the piece and creates a loop at the top while leaving the sides bare to best display the colors, patterns and textures of the fossil shell.  Wear this piece as a pendant or hang it up as an ornament or conversation piece, it is certain to attract attention!


Including the wire wrap, this ammonite is 2 ¼ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide.  The wire is beautiful, tarnish resistant silver fill.  It will come with a length of black ribbon sufficient to hang the ammonite as an ornament or wear as a pendant.


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