main image grossular garnets in sterling silver

Grossular garnets in sterling silver basket settings


How do you feel about mysteries?  A few years ago I was handing an interesting one....  A retiring jewelry maker offered to sell me some boxes of his cut gemstones.  They were an interesting lot: each individually packed with a carat weight and a name, in odd lots and sizes.  The price was right, so I purchased them and brought them home.  The problem is that while the jewelry maker was excellent at his art, he had terrible handwriting!  This pair of beautiful honey gold gemstones was marked, "(indecipherable) garnets, .80ct".  The typical color for garnets is well....garnet(red).... 


Being a geologist though, I remember the first rule of my basic mineral identification class: THE COLORS CAN LIE!  I am almost positive that these are grossular garnets, with a slightly different chemical composition than the regular red or pink sorts.  Grossular garnets are an entire family of garnets whose color ranges from bright green tsavorite garnets to dark honey colored hessonite garnets (there are about a dozen tiny variations and I cannot determine any better without running geochemical tests on my gems!).  


These are beautiful, light honey colored gemstones with a unique look and style.  Enjoy them with formal wear and an evening out, or wear them every day!


Gems are 7 mm by 5 mm ovals and A grade (perfectly eye clear).  The settings are sterling silver ear studs in a basket style.


Garnets are the birthstone for January and Capricorn and the planetary stone for Scorpio.


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