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Long shibori noren "Wishes" - Dusty rose shibori hearts


It is hard to describe the color of this noren.  Dusty rose?  Kind of purple-brown-mauve-gray?  No matter the words to describe the color, this noren is peaceful but cute and cheerful.  The stitched pattern is of scattered hearts across a dye patterned field.  


Shibori is traditional Japanese "tie-dye".  The pattern is first drawn in non-permanent ink, then stitched with heavy thread, tightened and the whole noren dyed. The stitches are then removed and the noren ironed so that the pattern can be seen. 


Noren are traditionally hung in doorways of Japanese houses and shops but can also be hung (by the loop in the top) in windows or on walls as decorations. 


This noren is made of a heavy linen/rayon mix and consists of two separate panels. Total width is 28 inches, total length is about 44 inches. The color depends on the lighting.  Please be aware that the heavy material sags sometimes and can appear uneven (something I'm trying to fix with different material!)


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