main image marquise aquamarine in sterling silver ear studs

Marquise cut aquamarine in sterling silver ear studs


Good aquamarine is well named: it is the clear, with the slight blue tint of perfectly clean water.  I imagine is the same as the clear water of Lake Tahoe on a sunny day.  This pair of aquamarine earrings is no exception: they are beautifully cut and a wonderful shade of pale blue.  Wear this set for a special occasion, or give them as the perfect March birthstone gift!


Marquise cut gemstones are fairly rare, I was excited when I found these while hunting through stacks of little boxes at my favorite gemstone seller's booth.  His booth is a sight to behold: there are thousands of tiny boxes in flat trays, all full of little collections of cut gemstones.  Visiting his booth you are presented a tray and sent to hunt through and find whatever your heart desires....  (And if you fill your tray he'll trade you for a new one!)  


These earrings are A grade aquamarine gemstones cut as 8 x 4 mm marquise cuts, set in sterling silver settings.    


Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and Scorpio and the planetary stone for Pisces.


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