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Marquise Madeira citrine in sterling silver pendant with necklace


This is a tiny, simple, delicate, but elegant pendant necklace.  It consists of a marquise cut Madeira citrine in sterling silver on an intricate sterling silver necklace.  The deep color and fine cut really stand out!  Buy it for a celebration or birthday!


Madeira citrine, so named for the wine of the same name, is a darker form of citrine.  Regular citrine varies in color (dependent on treatment and mining location) from a very light lemon yellow to a light honey color but some citrine is a bit different.  Madeira citrine is a red-brown to red-orange to deep gold color!  It is occasionally fraudulently marketed as a form of rare topaz (and therefore much more expensive) or mistaken for another type of quartz (citrine is in the quartz family).  I get gemstones from all sorts of places, and a few years ago I picked up a tiny box of Madeira citrine.  It is fun stuff!  Some is darker than this gemstone, some is lighter, none match (so much for plans for earrings!). 


This citrine is a high quality, eye clear, deep amber gold color reminiscent of A grade medium or dark maple syrup.  It is a marquise cut 8 by 4 mm in sterling silver with a sterling silver 18 inch chain.


Citrine is the birthstone for November and is one of the Zodiac stones for Scorpio.  It is also the gemstone for 13th and 17th anniversaries! 


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