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Perfect color little emeralds in 14kt gold ear studs


These are beautiful natural emeralds in a bright, perfectly matched apple green!  They have been hand cut to show off their best color and set in very delicate gold settings that are minimized in favor of showing off the gems.  Give these emeralds as a gift, or wear them for a special occasion: they are elegant and formal. 


These round emeralds are 4 mm in diameter and set in 14kt gold.  These emeralds are natural, not manmade and not altered, or oiled.  (I do not purchase oiled gems.)  Their color is a perfect brilliant green (light to medium light in shade), but they are not completely “eye clear”, most natural emeralds are not. 


Emeralds are the birthstone for May and the Zodiac stone for Cancer.  They are a form of beryl, like aquamarine! 


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As a small business I get my gemstones from many places and every location has its own story!  I have purchased in the USA and abroad, at craft fairs, gem shows, garage sales, geology symposiums, private collectors and gemstone setters who are retiring from the business.  This particular set of stones came from another small business run by a man who exclusively cuts gemstones!  I see him annually at a really big gem and mineral show and he always has the same question, “You aren’t getting into too much trouble, are you?”  All of his stock is in little trays mounded up onto a series of tables.  There are thousands of gemstones on display in hundreds of trays.  But when I asked him if he had any emeralds cut he knew exactly which stack and tray! 


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