main image silk noil yarn

Pinks and purples striped fine silk noil yarn


This is a wonderful and fun yarn!  I have dyed it to be striping (but I don't knit or crochet, so I am not perfectly sure that I suceeded....) in shades of repeating of lilac, plum purple, raspberry pink and dark pink.  The material is silk noil, the tufts and fluff left after reeled silk (or the silk filimants) have been removed.  It isn't as strong as reeled silk, nor as shiny, but still is plush and soft with a quiet luster.  (I dye silk noil fabric all the time, and love it for nightgowns and shirts!).  Consulting with people more expert than I am, suggested uses of the yarn include knitting, crochet, weaving (suggested plyed with something else like wool), lace making or braiding.  Because I dyed it, finished items are safe in a gentle wash (but be careful of color bleed!).  


This yarn is hand dyed silk noil, it is 100% silk.  The size is listed "fingering weight" and it has 28 sts per 4" on US 1-3 or 2.25-3.25mm.  (I have been assured these measurements are important, but I don't have actual experience with them.)  The length is about 900 yards!  This yarn has been wound into a ball for ease of handling.


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