red and purple kumo shibori main view

Red and purple echos kumo shibori wall art


I was once asked what I look for in art.  It is one of philosophical questions that could be answered with a simple non-answer of “stuff I like”, a vast catalog of descriptions of what catches my eyes, or even a whole school of philosophy.  For me, part of the answer is in color and contrast!  This is a vivid red and purple kumo shibori piece over dyed with a delicate tracery of navy blue.  The end effect is startling but balanced and (for me) kind of peaceful.  What do you think?


This art was done with a traditional method of Japanese tie dye originally used to dye kimono and other clothing textiles called “kumo” or “the spider’s web”.  The fabric is wrapped and tied to produce a delicate tracery of lines and net patterns.  This is an original picture, there will never be one exactly like it again!


Picture dimensions 13 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches, mat dimensions 20 by 16 inches.  The fabric of this art is cotton, dyed with fiber reactive dye. 


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