main image red orange yellow silk noil

Red-orange-yellow silk noil fluff for spinning or other fiber arts


When I am dyeing stuff, usually I dye fabrics for shibori projects.  Occasionally though, my sister asks me to dye other fibers (yarn or roving) for her knitting and spinning projects.  Sometimes the experiment turns out great (yarn seems to work out well) and very occasionally pretty pathetic (that felted roving comes to mind....).  This turned out great!  Silk noil is the fluff and strands left over after the main portion of the silk has been reeled away into filaments.  Often it is woven into thread for a soft coarse fabric, this has been left a fluffy pile.  I have fluffed it after the dyeing process and picked out all the coarse and rough spots I could find.  Use it for felting or mix it into spinning fiber for extra texture and color.  


This silk noil is sold as a single package of 1.2 oz or 35 g, this fills about 1/2 of a gallon plastic bag without packing.  A friend who spins suggested a high twist rate such as used for cotton when spinning with a lot of this fiber.  


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