dark pink garnets main photo

Sweet and cheerful dark pink garnets set in sterling silver ear studs


This is a jewelry must-have for the person who loves pink.  Pink garnets!  This is a pair of sweet and cute pink garnets set in sterling silver.  They are a deeper pink than the tourmaline I also listed in this section so would go a little better with dark evening clothing.  It all depends on your favorite shade of pink!


I love garnets!  Did you know that garnets come in every color?  I have even seen green and black garnets.  When I was in a mineral identification class, one of the more evil things our teacher did was give us a mint green garnet to identify in a test!  Because of the many colors, it is really difficult to distinctly classify garnet types without knowing exactly where they came from.  By color, I would guess these are Rhodolite garnets.


These garnets are 6 by 4 mm ovals set in sterling silver ear studs.  Garnets are the birthstone for January and the Zodiac stone for Aquarius.  They are also an alternate form for Capricorn and used as gifts for 2nd and 6th anniversaries. 


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