tanzanite main photo

Tanzanites with glitter and fire set in 14kt gold ear studs


These are stunning earrings!  The tanzanite is a light purple under most lighting conditions, but shifts color from light purple to dark purple and sapphire blue depending on the light conditions and viewing angle.  The earrings have distinct fire and sparkle with hints of red, making them spectacular for eveningwear or a celebration!


The tanzanite in these earrings is 5 mm in diameter, the earrings are 14kt gold. 


I had never heard of tanzanite until I started setting gemstones.  Then, curious, I looked it up.  Tanzanite is mined only from Tanzania and is a relatively newly labeled gemstone.  It is actually a blue-purple form of zoisite!  It is heat treated to bring out the vivid color from the original red-brown.  As a small business I get my gemstones from many places and every location has its own story!  This particular pair of gemstones came from a small seller at one of the big gem and mineral shows.  He was so anxious to show me the trichroism (three color shift) of true tanzanite that he knocked over the light stand! 


Tanzanite is a recent addition to the birthstone charts.  It is one of the birthstones for December!


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