amethyst main photo

Teeny tiny amethysts set in sterling silver ear studs


These are really tiny earrings!  The earrings are so tiny that the beautiful medium purple amethysts are just visible as flecks of vivid purple!  They are perfect as a delicate accent or for a multiple piercing!


Amethysts are a purple variety of quartz.  The purple comes from trace amounts of iron in the crystal.  (Citrine’s yellow color also comes from trace amounts of iron in quartz, the conditions in which the crystal formed are a little different!)  Amethysts are found all over the world but some of the prettiest come from Brazil, Russia and parts of Africa.  These amethysts came from Africa!


Amethysts are the birthstone for February and the Zodiac stone for Pisces. 


These amethysts are VERY small, 2 mm, and set in sterling silver but considered to be A grade in quality.


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