citrine main photo

Teeny tiny citrine set in sterling silver ear studs


These are really tiny earrings!  The earrings are so tiny that the beautiful bright yellow citrine are just visible as flecks of vivid gold!  They are perfect as a delicate accent or for a multiple piercing!


Just like amethyst, citrine is a variety of quartz crystal!  Both gemstones get their color from trace amounts of iron in the molecular structure of the stone.  The color difference comes from differences in the conditions under which the crystals form.  There are even some crystals, called ametrine, that have both colors! 


Citrine is the birthstone for November and is one of the Zodiac stones for Scorpio.  It is also the gemstone for 13th and 17th anniversaries! 


These citrine gemstones are VERY small, 2 mm, and set in sterling silver but considered to be A grade in quality.


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