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Teeny tiny rubies set in 14 kt gold ear studs


Rubies.  When most people think of rubies, they think of dark red gemstones adorning crowns or the rings of royalty.  Alas, most rubies available on the market today (at least that are available to most people) are distinctly pink!  This pair of high quality, matched rubies is a very dark pink to light red color.  They are slightly included (they aren’t perfectly clear) but their color is absolutely gorgeous.  Wear them to add a little color to any occasion.  Or, give them as a gift to someone born in July!


These rubies are 3 mm in diameter and probably considered “slightly included”.  The ear studs are 14 kt gold. 


Rubies are the birthstone for July, the finest rubies (the ones actually seen with royalty!) are a very deep red called “Pigeon’s Blood”.  Did you know that rubies are a kind of corundum?  Corundum, in any other color is considered a type of sapphire.  When it is red or pink it becomes ruby!  It is colored by an element named chromium.  Corundum has a hardness on the Mohs scale of 9, only one step down from diamonds!


As a small business I get my gemstones from many places and every location has its own story!  I have purchased in the USA and abroad, at craft fairs, gem shows, garage sales, geology symposiums, private collectors and gemstone setters who are retiring from the business.  This particular set of stones came from another small business run by a man who exclusively cuts gemstones!  I see him annually at a really big gem and mineral show and he always has the same question, “You aren’t getting into too much trouble, are you?”


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