black spinel in sterling silver earrings main image

Tiny black spinel set in sterling silver ear studs


Black earrings that go with everything!  The spinel in these earrings is a deep, glossy black that contrasts strongly with the bright silver settings.  They are simple, tiny and delicate and make good accent earrings, highlights for evening dress, or in extra piercings.  They are durable enough to be worn every day, and dressy enough for parties and concerts!  This is a very popular style and gemstone, if you want multiple pairs please contact me for a special listing.


Spinel is a beautiful mineral that in nature forms as little double pointed pyramids. They are commonly found in metamorphic rocks but I have seen it occasionally in granite where it occurs as very tiny little dark specks. Black spinel is the gem used in this set of earrings but there are a lot of other colors.


These black spinels are 3 mm in diameter and set in sterling silver ear studs. I have a 14 kt gold version available in my 14 kt Gold section!


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I have matching spinel in 14 kt gold!


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