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Woodland glade crazy quilt hot pad or pot holder


Crazy quilting is always a favorite quilt pattern of mine!  I love color, pattern and texture and the random nature of crazy quilt patterns.  This is a wonderful hot pad made of an entire collection of matching fabric scraps.  They all have the same types of colors (greens and browns) and the same leafy theme and have been combined into an elegant puzzle!  (I almost had to "lose" this hot pad and add it to my private collection!)  The reverse is a bright, cheerful pastel green with the tracery of white butterflies.  


Pretty much everything I sell (this shop, Etsy and craft fairs!) is hand made!  Working on larger projects such as table runners and quilts we end up with piles of smaller bits of fabric.  They are too small to make something like a table runner, but too large to throw out.  So rather than waste the fabric, Suzume - maker of table runners, creates pot holders and hot pads!  This means that every hot pad or hot pad set is unique!  Or, get them as a housewarming or welcome gift and be assured that your gift will be unique.  


This hot pad is a hexagon about 9 inches from corner to corner.  The fabric is 100% cotton and the batting is a combination of heat resistant batting sold specifically to be used in hot mitts, oven mitts, pot holders and hot pads and another layer of cotton batting. 


These are durable hot pads.  The original design was made for use around my house and I have a set that gets used regularly.  Practical testing shows that they will withstand insulating my counter from any pot taken off my stove or casserole from the oven, re-arranging hot oven racks, being held briefly against a hot iron and being washed in a washing machine.  These pads are very heat resistant but NOT heat proof: yes, you can light them on fire if you get them hot enough!  


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