Tips for working from home

I work from home. I am self-employed. I have been for about 10 years now.

Because social distancing is a sudden thing (and hopefully a short thing as well), and because many people are suddenly having to learn about working from home, I thought I would add my thoughts on the topic in a new list.

-Set a schedule. Follow your regular office hours as closely as possible.

-Make a list of specific goals for each day.

-Try to put meetings into one half of the day, it takes time to refocus after the distraction.

-Get dressed. You may or may not be video chatting with anyone, but it helps to be in the mood.

-Set aside a specific work area. I have an office. You may have the window-side chair of the dining room table. But still designate it your work area. Don’t do anything else there.

-Eat all three of your meals on a schedule and with a set meal plan. It is very easy to get in the habit of just grazing through the cupboards.

-Exercise. Add it to your schedule.

-Don’t sit for too long, it’s bad for your health. Get up and walk around or do some of your exercises once an hour.

-Go outside and get some fresh air, even if it is just eating lunch.

-Put on music if it is too quiet, skip the TV. Try game music if you need focus, meditation music if you are stressed.

-When the work day is over. It is OVER. Put everything away, the temptation to overwork may be strong. Under no circumstances take your work to your bedroom.

Do you have any favorite tips?

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