One of a kind noren:

Noren are a special part of décor in Japan.  Essentially door curtains, they are traditionally hung outside of shop doors when the store opens.  If the curtain is out, the store is open!  People also hang them in the doorways of houses to provide air flow and ventilation and still allow a certain amount of privacy.  In my family house, a noren in a bedroom door was the equivalent of a closed door (with the added benefit of air flow in a house without air conditioning!). 

Noren come in different lengths, from little 6 inch noren meant to provide color without getting caught on heads to four foot ones that act as an effective barricade and eye shield (a great thing in a kitchen door when we have guests!).  They are changed with the seasons and for special occasions and a doorway might have a shibori bamboo noren for New Years, flowers in the spring, or red leaves in the fall.

My noren are made from cotton, linen, silk and many other materials.  Many of them are hand dyed shibori and tsujigahana works of art.  Check back often as the selection changes!