Privacy Policy:

Because we know people want to know how Sumire Designs will use their information!

Privacy Policy

Nothing is shared.  I will not disclose or sell your name, email, address or any other personal information to anyone.  My website collects information on what time and from location (countries) I get visitors and what pages they visit within my website.  There is nothing personally identifiable visible within the data or shared with me.  I do not share this data with anyone else and will not unless requested by legal authorities. 


This website was created by me, using WIX.  Please see this link:  for information on Wix’s privacy policies.


If you sign up for my blog I will send you an email when a new blog is posted or if I have a sale.  Otherwise, I do not contact people unless they contact me first.  (I am not a fan of junk mail and see no need to inflict it on anyone else.)